According to R.Kiyosaki, there are five factors to consider if you want to overcome obstacle in achieving your goal. First, is the FEAR , CYNICISM , LAZINESS , BAD HABITS and ARROGANCE.
FEAR was mention first because we all have this inside, our nature tends to avoid rejection and losing something that is so precious to us. But as R.K says in his book , You should know how to handle your fear, because its how you handle losing and failures that makes difference in one's life.It's okay to be fearful, it's okay to be coward when it comes to losing money, but don't let that failure crippled you to try again. Remember that we are ll heroes at something and cowards at something else. 

CYNISM, we must learn to dealt the doubts in us, stop the pity yourselves habit, I'm not good" I'm not smart. Unless you don't change your paradigm don't expect to an over comer of what you struggling of.
 LAZINESS, being a little greedy is a cure to laziness, as RK says. When you want something don't say "I can't afford it" instead say how can I afford it? . BAD HABITS , pay yourself first before the bills , make the bills your motivation to look for other resources that would payoff, and leave your savings untouched. Last is the ARROGANCE, arrogance is ego plus ignorance.


lina@home sweet home said...

Very enhancing...I'll remember this!

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Yes, this is a very practical post on things we must avoid in life for they will rob us of the true riches in life. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

kimmy said...

hmmm... this something to think about. nice post!