The date is coming soon for us to enjoy and celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our tradition of gift giving will never be left behind. This is also the time when most of the shopping center offer more promotions and discount to their loyal shoppers. This is what most of the consumer loves about Cyber Monday, since we all looks for a best deal that we can take home its really best that we save for this kind of shopping galore. I already have my shopping done as early as I could, because I don't want to happen again the experienced I had on previous years, where in I was not able to shop for my loved ones because the malls and shopping center is overwhelming with shoppers like me. And this is the beauty of online shopping appeals me, less hassles, not time consuming and effortless.


Earth said...

hmmm... i haven't started my Christmas shopping yet, lol!

Pinx said...

same here!!! i have the list already but i still don't have the budget. LOL! was here yen! Merry Christmas!