I was having a second thought this morning if I am going to attend a church mass today and was about to message my friends that invites me, but I got message from her first, reminding me of our church this morning. So I change my mind and told her that  I will meet them before 11am this morning. 

I remember the lines that I've read 2 days ago, were it says that being interested is different from commitment. Because when you say your interested to do one particular activity, you  do it on your most convenient time.While if your commit to do that particular  activity, irregardless of those hindrances you will still pursue to make it done since you commit yourself to do it. For example: we brush our teeth everyday, so no matter how deep is the night and already comfortable in our bed, we still get up to make it a point that we brush our teeth. Because we committed to having a good practice of body hygiene before we end the night. Relating to the subject, now, as I was weighing it, I realize that reading a bible falls has falls in my interest  and not a commitment,  because most of the time I took it for granted while I make it a point every night that I will have to visit my blogs. I've been unfair with my creature not giving Him the time that He deserves. I hope its not too late for me and for anyone out there to reach out God and commit ourselves in doing works that could give him glory. Amen.

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