I know most of the ladies out there are okay in wearing skirts uniform, because it makes them look classy in their uniforms cut. But in my case , I've always avoided companies that has a skirt uniform. Unfortunately, I land in a company that requires the girls to wear a skirt though at first we only wear casual in my first 6 months in the company, the next month the management decided to gave us uniform, whew! leaving me no choice but to comply to the company grooming policy. Since then, some of my closest friend in the office who knows that  I am not comfortable with a skirt uniform suggested that I wear a compression stockings in that way my legs will not be exposed directly. And besides, stockings looks fashionable in some working girls that I knew.So I tried wearing one also, and soon  I enjoyed the flawless pair that I bought in the mall. Now, I'm already used to wearing a skirt uniform. My friends are right, I will get used to it and be comfortable as well as the days go by.

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