The pin light bulb inside our comfort room  here in the apartment got busted two days ago and the worst, it happened during the evening. We were no choice because electronic stores where already close that time. We were disappointed , when suddenly my board mate come up with an idea of getting the pin light bulb at the hallway of apartment . So, the comfort room gets the light while our hallway gets to sacrifice. I'd prefer it that way , temporarily than leave the comfort room empty and dark.
The following day , two of my board mates go on shopping and so I remind them of buying a bulb for our hallway. When they arrived from shopping, they show me their new purchased dvd players and camera. These ladies are techie too, my other board mate was complaining that she forgot to buy a cd of games. So, I told her to try online purchase and visit circuit city  because I'm sure she will love to hang out, in that site  since most of the electronics and gadgets and other accessories can be found in that store, if in case she decided to spend again for electronic devices.

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