I went home late tonight, though I have plan going home early after work, my wish was not granted for a reason. My friend in the office, invited me to go with her new found business. It was more of a networking. And Because I love this office mate of mine, I join her and I decided to invite two more friends of us in the office. Our ending, the three of us, joined on  Aleni's discovery and adventure If I may call it that way (haha). When we were there at the satellite office of  the company that invites us, my boredom flew away, then I was surprise on the response of my heart and mind. Wow, they are of the same side. And I realized one thing after the seminar, my drive to put up small business on my own was revived again. Soon, I'll have this dream put into execution, I declare it and claim it now.Amen.


Lisa said...

Go go Yen! You'll have it and will have it! It's your Will!

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

I hope and pray that you will succeed in this new business of yours. Just be careful that you don't end up being part of a pyramid type of business which is just a cover up for a scam. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

Grace said...

Wow! That is nice sis. I hope you more success in that business. I hope you can also attend one of our seminars about financial literacy. It is one good match up with your business I think kasi baka di mo na alam kung san mo ilagay money mo nyan. hehehe. At least we can help you plan it out. hehehe.

To your success my dear! I happy you are doing something to fire your boss. hahaha.