Being online makes me discover new knowledge and learning through the help of internet. Meeting new sets of people and becoming them your friends are really entertaining and wonderful. Before, I met this french guy in one of the dating site I've joined. He used to send me emails and  messages, He was not that good in English so that makes the friendship difficult to maintain. Because he knows I am not getting his messages correctly as I don't react or just give him a smile whenever he says something in french. Gosh, it was so hard for me he even send me a translators where I could put all his messages there and wait for the translation to come out. It made my life easier with the help of that free online translator. I find it helpful and understandable ,I was so happy then to paste all the messages he sends me and even more happier with the words were translate by that software  without any complications. I love it, these application is a big help to everybody of different culture and race.

Truly, internet has become a powerful instrument to make wisdom and knowledge with  just a click of your finger. Without such help, I don't know if our friendship will last that long. It just shows that no matter how far and complicated things would be,  there will always be a solution to the complexity of life. Because I  know everything will be translated for me with no worries.

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Jayce said...

lol pretty interesting but one that software you mentioned can include all parts, even in grammar and language of daily conversation? coz all i know is narrowness of google translate ;) LOL

anyways, nice to know you .