How are you spending your summer guys? If you are to ask me, my answer would be boring. Yes it is.  My summer this year is a less of outdoor activity. I can't stand the heat I feel like I would collapse because of the intensity I am getting from the sun even if I have umbrella when going out the house or in the office. It doesn't help at all ; I can still feel the sun ray penetrating the outer layer of my skin. I even stop putting hand body lotion as I felt like the fluid I am rubbing around my body just adds up another heat.

My family have planned to spend their holy week in the beach, and I refuse to go even if it was family bonding. Call me kill joy but  I'd rather stay in my apartment and surf the net than go out and plunge myself in the beach then have sunburn. My siblings were envying me of their adventures, they take so much photos so I could see them, sweet of them( hahaha) .

Hot, I can't ignore anymore those softdrinks in the Carenderia we are eating during lunch, before you can never tempt me to have a softdrink as a water substitute. But now, men I have broken already my stand on soft drinks. Ice water and Ice are my best friend. Ice cream and water melon are my favorite past time during the weekend. These are the things that brightens my summer day.

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lina@home sweet home said...

Same here, the heat makes me dizzy...
In sunny days, I always bring my umbrella :)

JENIE=) said...

nasa pinas ka pala?! well then you are as frustrated as i am probably with the intense heat!!! minsan iniisip ko tuloy, how much more in hell...argh!