It's making me sick, tired of nonsense arguments and confrontation. I'm wondering if this is my test, Why is that the things and attitude that I am asking God to help me overcome are the situations I used to encounter lately. I wanted to burst out in tears because I am always failing the test, if He is really giving me this situation to test my control, I'm stumbling. I'm caught off guard this morning same scenario was repeated again tonight. This morning, when my boss was sharing her idea about work, I promised myself not to give any comment but too late for me to realize that I was sharing also and contradicting my boss in her  idealistic point of view. And again, this evening I committed the same act. I wasn't able to control my emotion over a particular issue which I and my caller is discussing. Ahh!! why these things need to occur. Is this a sign that  means I am not yet maturing from my compulsive actions and reactions? Now, as I am reflecting I feel like I have hurt and intimidated a soul today. Oh, God forgive me.


Rah said...

It's ok. God is not mad at you. You don't have to say sorry. bawi next time.

demonyitogwapito said...

it's okay to contradict sometimes to our boss for as long as we know we are right and we know it is for the goodness of the company. But, we need to stand on our ideas to the calmness way. :)

anyways, i think you are just fighting what you believe in. Go GO Go!

JEREMAE said...

ahaha.. I can simply myself on this post.. ^.^ can't help but give a laugh..

as what people say.. be careful on what you are asking for... if you asked for patience, and ur patience is being tested, that's a sign that He has heard your prayers.. ^.^

but don't lose hope.. another tomorrow is yet to come.. see if you'll do any better.. ciao'

Up Close said...

I am always in the same situation. I really can't help my self but give in. (sigh). We need Gods grace to overcome our weaknesses. But God is always good and always give second chance.
May God bless you today!

In Him,

reyapot said...

i would agree with jeremae.. your prayers' been answered..
the situation that you are trying to avoid still happens because He wants you to "practice" the good traits/attitude that you need to develop to avoid showing the bad ones.

keep on praying. powerful ang prayers.

Glenda said...

TOTALLY agree with UP CLOSE. We NEED GOD in order for US to overcome our WEAKNESSES. According to the BIBLE, we are all sinners! and SINNING is something we ALL face EVERY SINGLE TIME! OVER and OVER again! You're NOT the only one my friend! What's important though is your WILLINGNESS AND SINCERITY to CHANGE & SURRENDER everything to Him!


God Bless!


Happiness said...

It is not bad to contradict to our boss once in awhile. It only means that the thing she/he told was not convincing or else there was something wrong with it. I am sure u will not contradict it if you find it good and convincing....