Blog hopping is one of my thing,surfing and exploring along the internet is one of my favorite past time, putting my thoughts in writing is my way of achieving  those dreams that I am keeping inside my head. I often mention in some of my posts how  I love to travel and see the worlds beauty of every islands of this Earth. Watching movies by dvd's or through cinema is always welcome to me whenever I find time to do it,I don't mind even if I am watching it in big screen with myself. Here are the list of the shows I wish I could watch live, Remember Harlem globetrotters? A basketball team that shows an exhibition that combines athleticism and comedy? I'm sure your dad knows them. Asked them and you'll get a good story about this basketball team. And you wish to watch them in live motion, I think you can order Harlem globetrotters tickets online. Aside from that there are also these theatrical show like Sesame streets that I am hoping to see in the future, I want to see Elmo blabbing, haha. Look, if only I have the treasures of golds I'll buy tickets for Sesame Streets Live Tickets because its a good experience of entertainment. It's like bringing  you home of your childhood days of playtime innocence and simplicity.

While I am into light While I am into light entertainment shows, I know some of you out there is also reminiscing there favorite theatrical shows, games  and more. If your familiar with Chicago Blackhawks, a very short history is that they became the class of the division in the late 1980's rampaging to a 46-17-15 record and an easy first place finish, but once again losing in the Stanley Cup finals.If you do remember them now, Chicago Blackhawks Tickets are booking reservations. You may check it out also if your a big fan.

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