Every Wednesday in the office the culture is that every department should have their own morning devotion at 7 o'clock to 9 in the morning. This activity has been imposed by the owner to teach us community life as God being the center of everything. Usually during Wednesday in our department we do read one book in the new testament and try to get insights and shared to each one of us in the group. But this morning, we were not able to do our routine because before the activity I was rambling already with my sisters attitude and how she pissed me off last night. My boss and the other member became curious of my life and started asking me. I don't know If I have made the right thing, but maybe I was just so engrossed with my feelings and I needed a channel were I could release my irritation. At last one of my co department said, my face begun to look clear after I emptied my baggage inside my heart. She even asked me if I am okay now, but I did not agree because for all I know I am really not okay. They started praying for me and after that I didn't know how I end up happy when I thought my day today will definitely be a mess. Just a testimony that really prayer works.

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