Whew, after a couple of days of being absent here in my page now I'm talking for good.Before anything else I would like to write her of my new discoveries and new alley in the surfing section of internet world. I wish I could always surf in whenever I wish to, but since I am working I could not do it as much as I want to.

Yesterday, while browsing the net I saw some new network sites that are inviting the web user to try out their network. Since I was in the mood to explore some stuffs that time, I did visit some of them and one that find interesting and friendly to use was this free online dating that doesn't tolerate spammers at all.Wow, pretty cool so I browse a bit more of the services and features one can enjoy by joining the said network. If things like these are cool, then more and more users around the globe would hook up themselves in this new online dating site. Imagine a spam free network, who would not want that? ah, ah.. not me I'd love to explore my possibilities

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