Lately, I have been complaining of my eyes I can't look on my computer monitor when the resolution is in medium light, my eyes swell and becomes red every time I keep my eyes in front of the computer for more than two hours. Oh, no to wear eye glasses is not yet in my plan but my family is advising me to get one to correct problems in my eyes if there's any. I don't even want to go to the eye specialist I'm afraid they might prescribe lot's of medicines and recommend me to use eye wear with grade, Imagining things the doctor will asked me to do I get discourage immediately. I know I have problem that needs to be addressed , that's my struggle right now following things that I know could help me but there is something in me that don't contradicts. I hope things will get better for me the soonest possible. I need to mellow down my online activities to avoid compromise in my eyes. Prevention is still better than cure right? Good luck for me..

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