Over the weekend I planned to visit the nearest mall on my place. My purpose of going there is to give my cellphone a repair for  the screen sometimes gives me headache. It goes blurry and at times and goes back again to its normal picture without doing anything. When I was already there in the mall, I almost forgot my purpose of going there when I noticed an exhibit for home and commercial building improvements, what catches my attention was these trade show flooring and trade show carpet that were beautifully crafted in their showroom. Because I loved to see new styles and latest creation that has something to do with art, interior designing and fashion I made myself free roaming around these trade show. As I was enjoying this exhibit I found out these materials that caught my attention, the logo mats was a real wow for it can be printed in various ways of your choice of course same as the logo canopy that are great for outdoor celebration. Have I not decided to visit the mall last weekend, my chance of making myself updated of the latest trends and creation in town. After strolling around I remember my real reason why I was there in the mall and got my phone repaired by the technician.

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