Man has become so physically inclined to things that surrounds us. If you have the looks and the body your not gonna end up loser. That's the reality in life, If your not that gifted enough in your physical attributes I'm sure you'll be hearing those jokes like, why not undergo for Cosmetic Surgery? so you'll get noticed. Not a good joke indeed. Maybe it has something to do with the commercials and celebrity endorsers we saw on big billboards  along the highway when we go out.It's so rare to see a model on big billboards that is not pretty and handsome. Most probably endorsers of the products are good looking and has striking appeal to encourage the public of using that product. But come to think of it, If there are no ugly in this world, who will appreciate the beauty of ones appearance? Just kidding. Of course we are all beautiful in the eyes of God. Because we are fearfully and wonderfully made by Him. And we are made in likeness and Image of God. So its important to love yourself and be confident with what you have.

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