Sometime I wish I am one of the richest people in this world so I may not force myself to go to work everyday.Though I know even the richest men on Earth work for his living. I used to heard my grandfather before telling my uncles and aunties during dinner time how important it is to finish their studies and have a good job.But I really don't get the point why lolo keep on saying that always when I know my Uncles and Aunties are doing well at school. Well, I was just a kid then, my priority that time is to beat my playmates during playtime. I hate to lose, I can't stand defeat everytime I play games with my childhood neighbor and schoolmates. I don't like the feeling of losing it sucks! I wanted to be recognized as good and smart in everything that I do because I'm my Lolo's girl and I love it when  Lolo says his so proud of me. That was my motivation and that is why I was so active in school during my grade school and always take home medals.

I grew up in my Lolo and Lolas place. I hate it it when Lola asked me to sleep every afternoon, I always get pinch from Lola when she finds out I sneak the house to play. And he will tell Lolo what I did, but my Lolo will just ignore my Lola.  Oh, I miss those days. When I was a kid I wish to become a totally grown up woman so I can do anything I want. No more long lecture from my Lola about my being hard headed and being brat. But now that I am now what I wish before, why is it I am not happy? Oh life! Had I understand earlier why my Lolo and Lola keeps playing the same tune,  I'd prefer being a kid to avoid complications. Now I understand why. If you have no education you'll be left behind in todays world. Admit or not, thats the reality of life. You can't get a good job if your education is below standard. Very bad isn't it?  Now I understand why Lola asked me to sleep during afternoon. Now look at me Lola , I wish I could get a nap during afternoon but I can't do it, not because I really can't do it but I will pay the consequences of it. Because I had a work and If I sleep during working hours in the office I might get fired. Oh no! Now I understand why Lola keeps on telling me when I grew up I will totally understand why they keep on repeating their stories with me. Oh Lola Yes I do understand you now. And I'm pretty sure I will also share my stories of failures, happiness , struggles and survival with my own kids the way they will understand me.

Sometimes it takes a lot of effort from the person to rely the message and saw them practicing in their lives what they have preach. But in the end if you listen from their teaching you gain wisdom and truth and if you refuse to listen you'll also get lessons from your actions.


imelda said...

this is like a tribute to your grandparents, nice post.

Anonymous said...

eah i likes this one