My plan tonight to spend my free time didn't happen as it is plan, instead I start typing here again in front of my computer and browse a bit. I forgot my plan to watch the television drama series of DEXTER-- lead by Michael C. Hall. Anyway tabi was the one who introduced me that movie to watch yesterday. Because he has already watched the series 1 and the series 2 is not playing in their dvd player , he tried to play it in my player and there it goes, the cd played so I got hooked up too, despite the fact that I didn't watch the series 1. Anyway even if I have not watch the 1st series the story was getting my attention.

 The story was set in Miami. Dexter Morgan is an adopted son of Harry Morgan, a police officer in Miami who recognized Dexter to have sociopathic tendencies, and taught Dexter to channel his passion to thrill killing. Since I have not yet watch the 1st series, I still don't know what trauma Dexter had experience during his childhood that puts his addiction of ending the lives of  people in dark side of the alley. I am now signing off! I will just here some facts about Dexter next time I continue this piece.

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