People says,  Pain molds us who we become. I chance to watched a local show tv torrents this morning about chronic pains. The guest doctor describes pain as the feeling felt by the person and act it according to what he / she feels. At first I could not get her point but as I was repeating over and over again in my mind the lines she just share, I realized how myself absorbing her description over pain. When you feel pain you act or react according to what we feel, this affect also our physical and emotional capacity towards our way of living. When were in pain, our body transmit the message to our brain and the brain starts producing us the feelings and reaction we act and move. Our body reaction depends on the level of pains we are dealing with.

But pain can be prevented and manage if given immediate attention and proper care. There's what we called pain reliever. Pain reliever numbs the pain of the persons throbbing for a short period of time. They are not really meant for long term relief of the persons pain. But what about children who can't explain the pain? How are we going to give them the right dosage they needed for pain reliever? Is pain reliever safe?

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