My mom asked me to buy a flower vase, in exchange for the broken one  displayed inside her room. She told me it was accidentally broked by her baby boy ( Adrian, 3 years old  and  a cousin of mine who is legally adopted by my mother).  When she told me about it, I smiled because I know little Adrian is very playful and very active now. So, I just nod and did not waste my time  on browsing online to look for  local site where I can shop later to buy a flower vase similar to my mom's vase. While doing a search, it came to  my mind how convenient this online shopping could be. Less hassle and more convenient.


Salute said...

I think on-line shopping is great and very convenient. I am going to add your site to my blog list.

Kimberly said...

I love online shopping.
I have been looking in stores for personal cassette players and have not been able to find them. I googled it last night, and found some as cheap as $2 each. My kids are each going to get their own.