God tests His children to know what is in their hearts. God's desire for each one of us is to walk in relationship with Him, to uphold His righteousness and integrity. It is proven that we are likely to fail on achieving without complete dependence on Him. The greatest tests come not in great adversities, but in great prosperity. Because in God's  prosperity  we begin to lose the sensitivity in sinning. While adversity  helps us motivates in righteousness out of our desire to see our adversity changed. We fall into a satisfaction and confidence in life that is based on our prosperity rather than on God. Had you try reflecting lately?

("I know, my God, that You test the heart and are pleased with integrity." - 1 Chronicles 29:17)

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Imelda said...

yen log in to diffrent username for the 3 cbox. it appears nga usa la imo id coz tanan ak ginsuratan nakadto ha usa nga cbox.