As the day of my last day at work comes closer, a good friend asked me how it feels like knowing that I will be leaving them soon. I paused ,and tried to recall some kind of feeling that is different this time. I told her I feel sad. I feel sad because I will miss them, and there are so many things to be missed around in this company. But of course life is like that, we come and go. The important thing is that we learn and impart good culture and lessons we learned from those people whom I was working with.

One more week, and I am ready to face the new chapter in my colorful career. Things  I asked of the Lord, that He may give me wisdom and that He would always be inside of me to overcome those trials I might encounter. As to my friends and co-workers that I may soon deliver my heartfelt goodbye, goodbye would not meant the end of friendship, but it would mean keeping the friendship alive.


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