A friend of mine go home one night throwing herself on the bed, I had no idea yet that she was so much in depression. She started crying that the cry went visible to my ear. I do not know what to do, so I go out of the room to give her space for awhile. When I get back, she was back in her composure but I kept quite. I waited for her to talk. 

She was my friend for four years now, I meet her at work. To cut the long story short, she is staying in my pad for the meantime. Now shes in her third night. She has trouble with her love life and she needed someone to talk to, the pain really is putting her down. I can relate somehow to her as I have experienced the bruises caused by a special someone whom you dearly loved. Her guy call it quits for reason of another party, which she finds out herself but the guy won't admit it.

What to do with it if the guy has fallen out of love? I love my friend and I know there is no better way to break someones heart, so I gave her the advice that I have once heard from wise and godly people whom once helped me. This morning I have seen some good improvements on her, and I hope soon she will get over the pain.

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