Everyday before going out of my place I always hope of good and positive vibes outside. Though I know things are unpredictable outside my comfort zone,the only way to avoid such disappointment is to remind myself of the imperfection of this world. That not everyone has the same values as others, when confronted in an awkward situation the effective way that I did base on my experience is lowering yourself and not fighting back, humility is still a virtue.

But of course you cannot always avoid such annoyance everyday, as it could happen everywhere. In your way to work, at your workplace, at home, and from different agency and people , client we encounter daily.Honestly speaking, I could not recall anymore how many times I lose temper on the hassle, my phone service provider has caused me, I screamed, freak out ,raised voice and question their quality of service through customer representative, but at the end of the conversation  I felt loser as I let myself be consumed by my feelings, because I wanted to get the service I believe I deserve.Not a  great move, so changing my way of relying my message of disappointment in a cool and calm way was better than nagging. Life is more peaceful and wonderful after all those realization. Nobody is perfect, as they say but realization and teaching yourself to be responsible enough on dealing with our own emotion could lead stress away. 

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