I learned the other day that my Lanlord passed away this Monday, and this morning we visited his wake to personally show our condolence. When I was at the place his wife accommodate us and give us enlightenment of my Landlords death. She also shared their happy moments and  good story together , while on that state I cannot help myself remembering the times my Lanlord was hard to communicate and because I knew him for that, I seldom talk to him. 

But today, I learned how jolly and friendly he was. How he took care of his family and the Barangay he was serving. He was a Barangay Chairman in their district.Hearing the story of his wife I felt a guilt for taking him negatively. But you can't blame me, I did not  had the chance to knew him better. Never mind if I misunderstood you at times, forgive me for that. I hope you rest in peace.Thank you Sir.

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