I received an unfamiliar number calling me this morning , hesitant to pick up the call as I am avoiding promotional calls from agents that steals a minutes from me explaining their product. So, to avoid those uncontrollable calls from strangers, I beg to disclose anything for their benefit. Going back, when I receive the call she introduces herself telling me she was my old time friend from then the conversation started. I was invited to meet them, by the way we where five in the group, the closest one before in the previous company we work with. According to this friend of mine our friend from abroad has arrived and ask them her to contact us in the group to have a get together this month. 
After her call, our friend that arrived also calls me after an hour. Now everything is set, see you girlfriends and boy friend this coming week. :) Reserve all those stories that is kept, as we are to open it up and share it to see once again those laughter and tears that strengthen our bonds with or without constant hi and hello's. Also, to the social network who keep us updated of ones status offline and online. Excited much.

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Rosemarie said...

its always nice to be with old friends, reminiscing the fast is really fun..visiting from my new blog