An intercessor once told me that the power of the holy spirit help people be over comer if we ask for it. If cry out for it, then the healing power and the restoration is at hand. And so , my journey begins for the search of inner peace, joy and all other aspect that I can use as a tool in dealing with different kinds of people. You know what lesson I have learned? It's hard to walk with God when your just doing it because of fear that you might cause an offense. Don't get me wrong, I do not have issue on following rules, its just that in my own experience , if your not happy with being obedient tendency you will soon be burn out return the old way so the other application is that, do it for love, I mean be obedient because you love God and you wanted to honor Him, and not of compliance.

Sometimes as they say, men stumble first, before he realize his foolishness. But when it turn right, it turn 360 degree that at the end, the real blue print intended for him is serve. But not all story are like that, because the call of this world is so strong that its hard to resist on temptation surrounding everywhere. Mine, has no difference from others, who accepted God as their Christ and savior. I remember the line of Peter Parker, where he says " Of great power comes of great responsibility". So as to re phrase " Of more digested knowledge on  truth , of more the expectation to live and share it. 

If temptation taste bitter at its first bite, I wonder if it will have the power to tempt the second time around. lol! it might turn out to be your phobia. 


Arvin U. de la Peña said...

parang gusto kong pitasin iyan....

simply kim said...

i always do what my heart tells me and let the Lord help me do it right..

a visit from kimmy!