I went home tonight with full of energy though I am occupied with so much work at the office, glad my heart is full of love tonight. hehe. I am counting the works that I need to accomplish and those lessons that I need to re visit and the good thing is that I feel like I am full of so much passion. wow! I wish that this  level of energy and positive attitude will remain in me day by day. No boredom, stress , pressure and lazy bones moment for me, what a happy life. Every thing is light. 

Could it be, because I cut my hair short. Which makes me feel  younger than my age, Aw! Yesterday at the office, I received different comments on my new haircut. Half of the ladies in the house  prefer my old long hair, while some guys love the new cut . Hmm.. regardless of those feedback, I still am happy and is not entertaining negative vibes. :).  If this has  something to do with the feeling I had that I cannot explain myself will leave it that way. Anyway, never mind, as long as I am benefiting the good feeling it is producing me that makes my soul sing,I will be thankful for the peace and joy it is flowing within me.Life is good.


Arvin U. de la Peña said...

bakit,......bakit ka nagpagupit.....broken hearted ba..

lina@women said...

Glad to know happy news :)