I read the news today of yahoo news and went to browse about the hottest talk in town then found out that Shaina Magdayao had confirmed the rumors of ending her relationship with the actor, John Lloyd Cruz. And some commentors says that the issue just brought up to this day because one of these involved party has a movie or a soap opera to promote on television, and so get the attention of the masses they needed to create an issue. But what's my point, actually I do not care about them I think that's how they play in showbiz that's why I never enter into that business to keep my privacy. lol!

Misunderstanding in a relationship is normal, In fact they say that a relationship that never experience a petty quarrel or a misunderstanding is abnormal. Because each of us grew up differently to others, my upbringing is different from you. But even if our opinion is different from others the most important is that the gesture of respecting others. Yesterday, I had a misunderstanding with someone special and it turn out bad to a point that some harsh word was uttered. To cut the talk, one has to stop and retreat but after the conversation, the words automatically play in my mind then turn off some light inside. 

Silence is best served for the meantime , I refuse to talked even if the person has already ask forgiveness. For I am not ready yet , because I am  afraid I might talk trash as the whole conversation is fresh. It is not that , I am being proud because I am keeping my fight, but it is because I am yet polishing my words that the  angst is gone totally when I turn back to speak up. 


Arvin U. de la Peña said...

ang ganda ni Shaina Magdayao.......pero hindi siya attractive........kasi mas may appeal si Angelica kasi eh..

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

mga artista talaga palipat lipat ng mamahalin..

simply kim said...

that is so true. it is better to keep silent when we are mad or deeply hurt lest we say something we'll regret for a long time..

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