Over the weekend I have counted the times I received messages asking me of my point of view on same sex marriage. In my workplace it was also circulating in every corner. Then I came to conclude that maybe, the citizens today are now more vocal and participative in terms of expressing their opinions regarding public issues, politics, economy , moral and etc. Going back, since I was ask, of course the people who wanted to count my opinion wanted to hear my voice as well.

And here's mine, my honest to goodness answer to those who ask me on what can I say on Obama's declaration on supporting the same sex marriage in America. But first and foremost, I wish to tell all my readers that this opinion is just my own personal, whatever message I will explain here, I hope we will learn to exercise the word respect in each one's page :) okay!. And now,since I'm entitled to have one, I'll let those curious people hear my point of view. 
On part where Obama express his support, that I do not know what he was really thinking, but since the election season is still on, my clever mind says read between the lines.. to win the race is to gain support. After all the issue is already an old school.  He has all the time the conference moment to speak up his mind if  he wishes to, but why now? maybe ..perfect timing needs perfect audience. Could be possible? hmm..that I think is the name called politics. 

To the issue itself about exchanging I  do's  by same sex in front of the sacred altar, maybe it's time to re visit again what was the golden rules about marriage. The bible has a story if  God allows  same sex to wed,in the old testament , particularly in the  book of Genesis where God expresses his feelings couple of times.I understand that some will say I am being religious, and not being realistic.So I say,  If I am not being realistic, what then is being realistic? where you a product of the  love of a same sex marriage? Did that same sex couple produces offspring to  become a child after mating? Hmm.. The last time I check I was brought here in this world by two person of opposite sex loving that draws them to express their covenant in front of God's altar.


WangsaBlogger.Com said...

Sure... Obawa was once a gay. He will do almost everything that crosses into his mind to win the election.

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

ang lalaki para sa babae, at ang babae para sa lalaki.......