I was just thinking this morning were to go later when afternoon heat smile but fortunately , the weather seems to favor the workers rallying outside. It's a cloudy day, meaning staying here in my place is tolerable. I can blog hop all day long and make some updating with less sweating from the sun.

Holiday for me is a bonus work because your day is paid  without working, its a good treat for me for I can do my stuff here without bothering of myself from the pending works I left in the office. If some are happy with holiday like these, some workers are not as it means for them no work no pay. Because the rules only applies to regular working employee in the private and government sectors. Which I hope our congress one day will come up with a resolution on how the contractual and our laborers can enjoy the same  benefit  all the holidays celebrated yearly. Not just on extra vacation that can be called, but also to the dough that they might be receiving as well.  Anyone from the congress here?


roffe said...

All get paid for this holiday here in Norway.

arie5758 said...

Your problem is same like me. I can't write at blog every and blogwalking for everyday.

Keep spirit always to blogging :)