Ka boom! Guys , beware.. don't mess up with this lady if you want to live long. She can be both, adorable and dangerous.:)

The next picture shows authority, kids nowadays are becoming powerful, haha. Well, its better that we train them early to be responsible :)
Sir , yes Sir!  tots on lead.


Teacher says this is cheating, but to student it's the art of teamwork.. it make sense. haha.

How about this one, can you spot the difference? real men do show off the muscles, aren't they? hehe.
Kitty fever, I mean muscle fever.  Picture says a thousand words , indeed. What more to say? You make me smile today. Pictures grab from  itanong kay pink pototoy.


Lina Gustina said...

Makes me smile :D

simply kim said...

hahaha! that was so cute! especially the macho man..

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Mai Yang said...

cute! hehe