Counting what's left on my pocket tonight I begun to recall my expenses for the fast few days and suddenly I remember the supply and demand principle where the two object could be associated with the high and low depending on the current situation. But with my current status right now, I could say I have a low supply yet the demand is high. My, I need to restructure my monthly expenses to come up with a clean and clear budget allocation, specifically for the essentials. 

This time I need to be wiser or else business tycoons will leave me broke every time. Promotions would lead a way without any reason at all. And while I am just there to cool down and window shop ,stomach will start demanding and deliver the message to my head ,and  make way to my favorite food house in exchange of my peso.This kind of practice has become a routine in me and being a compulsive buyer as well. So  this time I have to cut off those unnecessary expenses that might get into my nerve in the future. Still, no to credit card until I become a responsible shopper that will not  overspend without cash, Oh credit card. 


LintasKoran said...

nice share


SEO said...

Nice blog ever seen buddy.. Keep writing

Karla said...

I never had a credit card because I know that I can never resist not to splurge. This is a great thought Yen! :)