Wishing everyone a fruitful and prosperous New Year to welcome, Its gonna be a good year I believe though there has been some prediction that says Year 2012 will mean hardship and struggle, It won't stop many to conquer those mountains that are waiting to strike. Life is like that, but despite all trials can you imagine how blessed are you because you are still counting years till today.This just show how good and great our God is to everyone of us.

A friend ask me of my activity for today and tomorrow, I told him some of my plans and he started telling me his plans too. It was flattering to know someone who trust you with confidentiality thing but of course it is a responsibility on my part on how to help him out carry out his dreams and some burdens also. There is a character in him that I admire, it is his being enthusiastic and positive on  viewing things.To him, life is like gambling online  you do not know what's waiting for you at the end, but you are looking forward of winning that's why you gamble. Telling me that failure is one step to winning it helps you realize your mistakes and teach you to master the formula. To have a Poker face at times is effective if you want to win badly, your desire must drive you crazy that your aim will be hit bulls eye. 

Listening to this friend of mine makes me realize some things in life that I have let pass by because I lack the desire, and He was right if I want it badly I should take one step to make those dreams become reality. He was a player and so his goal is to win, which at some point I think he made his luck by playing slots machine. After a phone conversation some of his words left impact in me, so I would like to thank him for encouraging me to never give up and be a fighter. Thank you friend, I wish you luck in your journey as well. Happy New Year.

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