Older people say that committing yourselves to your partner for life is not an easy thing to do, because they are two different people with different up bringing and orientation. But, the best part of that is they come to become one as there journey starts as a couple. Everyday is a gift, is a new day to discover new things about your partner. It is what I hear in most  married couples that I have known. To grow old together, share all dreams and goals, respecting and being accountable with each other, a great commitment.

Recently, my officemate tied the knot with his long time boyfriend. While she was busy preparing for her wedding, there was no trace of tiredness, though she was telling me she is at times consumed by work and pressured as well for her wedding preparation,still, she looks blooming all the time. I was not able to witness her very day as I have a prior appointment, but saw all her stuff for the wedding and the triton wedding bands that  signifies their vows. Everything went well and according to plan when I watched their video. My friend and office mate is happy at last. I wish them all the best in life and may God be the center of their married life. 

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Ronadelle said...

wow, I wish all the best for your friend and may God bloom them with His word in their married life.