On leave last week, that was my update last week. I went to attend victory weekend at Pioneer ,Robinsons Mall, the activity was more of spiritual assessment of the past and present practice. I was glad I did the right thing, joining the session. It made me realize how precious I am to God, even if there's nothing be be loved about me, still my God gave his life for the forgiveness of my sin. The gifts the blessings, provision , guidance , healing , unconditional love, out pouring of holy spirit that comes from heaven I could not imagine how loving our God is. 
It was the time of reuniting again with Him, renewing of vows, following His command in order to be prosperous, Oh God, why are you so mindful of us. 

Anger, bitterness,hatred has no room, as the holy spirit was felt in every corner of the room. Forgive and live It was the message I was receiving. After the video clip of God's suffering and sacrifice I burst into tears.Tears of joy and my ever lasting thanks to God. Because my sin was the reason Jesus suffered and die.After finishing the topics in that event, I feel like I was new again.As quoted in the bible, the old has gone the new has come, The joy is contagious in that place that everyone was enjoying in the congregation, It was an awesome experience. Thank you Jesus.


Shahz said...

I have hard time cleaning my own closet,, good for you..

kim said...

that was a very inspiring and uplifting post, girl.. thanks for sharing.

jenn said...

wow. and this is an awesome sharing. you just spread the good news of God. thanks about it :D your words capture my heart! <3