I am blessed to watch the concert of Hillsong United last Thursday in Araneta Coliseum.We have to file for under time that day to make sure that we can have a good seat. But when we came there at around 5 in the afternoon, the crowd was already overwhelming. We have to hurry up and follow the line that looks like never ending. People keeps on coming, it was not yet late, imagine if we get there at exact time we cannot choose the seats. Though we also stand when the concert started.The concert lasted for two in a half hours, the group has to come back at the end of their concert and went back again, due to the the request of the people inside.

It was too generous of them to sing two more songs, the last one was insisted by the crowd, they were shouting to sing the " One way " which makes the crowd smile. At the end of their concert, they acknowledge God, and that the admiration, the glory only belongs to God. I am so blessed to hear their voice, talent , anointing and dedication. Hillsong' till next time again.


kimmy said...

wow! it seems like you really had so much fun!

John Smith said...

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yeye said...

hi. thanks for visiting my blog. anyway. EPIC talaga yung HILLSONG concert. Glory be to God :)