For three days now that my boss is on business trip , her presence still felt in the office. Why would I say so? because she keeps on calling me or my other office mates, reminding us of our deadlines and so on. I have nothing against those calls, its just that, we want her to concentrate in his trip and breath freely, we want her to focus on the matter to serve the purpose of their travel. On the other hand, I appreciate my boss concerns to us and her thoughtfulness. 
Maybe, she wants us to update her every once in awhile, about the status of those works that she left for us to take care of. Though I emailed her my concerns, maybe calling her via phone is much appreciated, It's just me, thinking that way, not my boss. On Friday, she is schedule to arrive, I hope she has a good news for everybody, aside from work.

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isp101 said...

It's just either, she wants to let you know that she's watching over you guys, or she's just very much concerned. Either way, it still shows that she cares, however, as an employee, I would feel a bit insulted. Because, that shows my boss do not trust me, and as If, I would do something stupid when she's not around. I guess, there's nothing we could do about it, since they are the BOSS! hehehe! =)