Reminiscing the days of my being teenager I could say there are things that I would love to cherish and things that I would definitely would want to turn back. I have friends, lots of friends because it was the time that I learned to socialize and mingle with different sets of people and common teens that has different up bringing. I have seen the good and bad side of having the freedom and being away from home. The advantages if your parents is not that strict and would always give you whatever you ask for. On the other hand, I have also seen the good side of those teenager that are not fortunate to have that golden platter in their table, yet they manage to overcome hindrances to achieve their goals because of their discipline. 

I have also seen some teenager whom have drown themselves to pleasure and prohibited drugs that have enjoy for awhile the feeling that they are getting from those chemicals. This are the teens that needs much of our caring and support, they are the one that needs Treatment Help. Even now, cases of  drug abuse are everywhere and the victims are the teenager. If we would like this numbers to drop into zero we must act now, let us save the next generation, let us not deny to ourselves and be  reluctant to take our teens in teen drug rehab admissions, to correct their behavior and start a detoxify new way of living.We can make a difference and we could save  thousands of teens  future. Educating them about about Teen Treatment Programs could  lessen teen rehabs and incident of abuse in drugs. 

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