Official holiday started yesterday , It feels good to relax and pause for a while from work. Long vacation is so wonderful to spent, this has been the reason why during this holiday that travel is high. Vacationers grab the chance to go home in their provinces to spent time with loved ones and friends. But what is most in demand during this long break from work is the beaches and resort. High places in the country that is cold, like Baguio City and Tagaytay. In some areas like Antipolo it is also cold specially in the evening.

But what is holy week to us? Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Black Saturday? . When I was a child, living under  grand parents care During holy week, the house seemed to be so lonely and sad as for my observation that time. We don't eat meat, we are not encourage to eat heavy meals. My uncles and Aunt's are asked to fast, and pray. My aunt's attention will be called by my Lolo when she founds to be happy and laughing in the day which God is said to be already transported in his tomb. My Lolo would said, it is not proper to be joyful when God is suffering and dead because of our sins. We grew up observing lenten season that way, until my Aunt and uncles have their own family and my Lolo past away. Looking back with the tradition we have before, I could say, that my Lolo was trying his best to preserve the holiness of God's time when he died for us in the cross. But have we know it before that God has died once, and not every year that some of us still believes on. I have no right to condemn others from their practices if its there devotion or "panata"  we all have devotions anyway, but if its not pleasing to God, then its useless. My concern is that, we reflect and talk with God first before doing rituals and tradition that we inherit from our ancestors. God bless us all, and Happy Holy week

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