Graduation reminds me of three things , one is that school is over and a new challenge outside is waiting. Two, is missing buddies in school that you grew and make friendship inside the campus. Three is it reminds me of flowers, you will see different kinds of flowers in places of events, you will see it from the participants, mothers , mentors and the sellers outside the parking area. A mixed emotion during graduation day is expected to reside in every graduating students. I could still remember my graduation day, It was plain and simple but the highlight of that graduation day of ours was when the commencement was done and everyone is taking pictures everywhere, my friend that was not talking to me for one semester, approach me and have picture with us. The feeling was like a Sidney OH flowers that smells good and beauty abounds in every petals. After that wonderful moment with my dear friend, all walls and barriers I made, melt down, and it all happen one day once upon our graduation day. 

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isp101 said...

Graduation Day is one of the most unforgettable moment in my life! Despite of the technology nowadays, there are just only few friends I could still get in touch with since college. Hayyy... Nasaan na kaya sila!? =(