I went to a mall this afternoon after office to buy  the i.d lace which I miss out to purchase last Tuesday. I  volunteered to take charge on purchasing  the materials that we are going to use in the coming youth camp next week. And its only tonight that I have completed all the stuff we are needing in the camp. Thank God. The plan was to buy one color i.d lace but the stores I have visited  don't have stock of more than hundreds.They have variety of colors but only limited for a number, in short I have no choice but to break the plan, I have inform the group about it but what they know is I bought only three different colors, I will see tomorrow their reactions, because I took four colors. Not because I like those colors, but it was the least I could do. I have already search the mall for name tags until my legs start to feel something so I guess I did my best but I guess wasn't good enough, haha( I could be a dramatic actress) what you think? .Anyway, I just hope they will understand me when I show them the lace I bought.  You see, I have red, orange, pink and yellow.

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