My Lola used to tell me that my eye is the reflection of my soul, Eyes can't hide the emotions we have, the glow in your eye will reflect when your happy, your glad and is rejoicing. It shows also when your sad, that misty eye would explain why. So whether you smile and laugh out loud, it is not a guarantee that you are really happy. One could always wear mask to concealed the true condition of the heart. That's how my Lola would always describe the eye. One example is when a person cried a river at night, and showed up the following day,even if that person would not talk, with or without a  prescription glasses  you can tell if that person has cried a lot. Because that's how transparent our eye is. 
I remember when I was a teen , my oldies would not let me sleep when my hair is wet, and reading while lying  down. I don't know why. But  I choose to obey their belief, because I believe there must be a good reason why they say that. They associate the wet hair and the way of reading on lying mode for a blurry eye. They say your eyes will deteriorate when you keep on doing such practice. Your eye would be stress, because your not supposed to read that way. Anyway, I thank them as I grew up with a good eyesight.

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