I was cleaning my closet, when I saw this notebook of mine which I have kept all my notes from the seminars and trainings I have attended last year.Let me share this insight of which you may find yourself, what are you from among the three characters I'm about to list here, try to assess yourself from the signs.
There are three ungodly triangle character we have to recognized, and lets reflect if we fall from these characters.
PERSECUTOR- you are said to be a persecutor if you are bully, you pick a fight (you initiate a fight.A tyrants, they know how to intimidate and they control people by intimidation.They are insensitive, they don't think others need, they can have an explosive personality, they work to destroy other people.They are fault finder. They invade others privacy but do not let others come into their lives.Outwardly they appear to be confident and secure, privately they are insecure and fearful. Do you fall on these category? then if yes, you are a persecutor.
VICTIMS - they suffer in silence. They pretend everything is fine. They deny any form of powers or strength from their inner being. They need someone strong and powerful all the time.They fear failures, they fear success.they ofetn fell dishonored. They do not honor themselves.They always feel like they have been persecuted all the time. They always feel they are being taken advantage of. They put others need above their own needs.They expect others to make them happy, they look for persecutor and they are good at finding one.  (these kind of character is not good because they use self pity or anger to controls others, and to get attention or care. )
RESCUER - They are saviors, they are busy fixing victims. They avoid fixing their own problems. They are comfortable in a support position. They are knight in shining armor. They keep victims attached to them. They train others to be victim, they feel responsible for vixtims behaviour but they do not take responsibility of their own issue. They focus on other's feelings until they have no grip on their own feelings.They cannot operate without the victim. They become jealous if the victim develops other relationships. (Rescuer feel as though their value comes from fulfilling the needs of others.)

As for me, though its hard to admit,I am a mixed of three said behavior. There are times that I fall on being a persecutor, I do feel also at times that I am a victim and a rescuer, which at times I don't know anymore to handle my own feelings because I am so busy fixing others issue.

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demonyitogwapito said...

same with me. i have the three behaviors