Hello everyone , Old friends and new friends of mine , visitors and spammers, if you have noticed I am invisible for 3 days now, the reason was because I was always out of the house joining some parties facilitated by friends and also some activities that I do after work. Last night I was free , so I decided to open my desktop and do some hopping around the blogosphere, but unfortunately my connection was cut. Gosh! I was not aware that I was already due, I neglect my obligation to do. But how can I pay them if they are not giving me my bill for the month? , I was already on my way of calling the customer service to inquire, They did not even give me a notice. Anyway, enough of my complaining, I have already paid my due online , and until now I don't know if my connection at home is now restored, I still have to find out as I am here in my friends place.

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