I'm done with my lunch,after that I hurriedly get back to my table so I can have time to take a nap. But when I reach my area, my friend was seating in my chair and using the computer,he was surfing the net, so I decided to find a place where I can also position myself and do my thing. When I was about to nod my head in the vacant table , suddenly I have a  change of mind and begun browsing the net too, which is why I'm here blabbing.

The area is kind of dim, lights are mostly off, only few station are left  with lights on. Almost everyone in the department is having their silent time in their own table, like I do, they also spend 30 minutes of their free time napping. I like to see them in silent mode, hehe. what a peaceful  ambience, everyone is napping.Before the break end  you could see each one of them hurrying to the powder room, doing their routine. With me, I don't join the crowd, I let them finish first retouching, and have the powder room clean by our maintenance , After that when everyone is back in their station. And the the maintenance have clean up the powder room , you will probably see me in the comfort room alone.I like it there when the powder room is refreshed. Time to end this little sharing of my lunch break time is almost  up.


JENIE=) said...

lucky those who are not monitored for their break times (wink!)

i heard of some to be on a military time...those on call centers!!!

Sam Azhari said...

nice info my friend