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We can't stop the clock for us not to get old.Life is so short for us they say. So, it made me think  about future life when I get old. How will I  look like? What id I get old alone no partner to share with, no child to call my own who will take care of me? So many questions coming into my mind right now. My loved ones, friends and people around me talks about security and abundance when they get old. Older people common  suggestions  with the young one is to invest in business, health plans like  Medicare part D plans so when we need assistance in our health problems we have something to look forward. While we enjoy the fruit of our labor from the business we put up, our health is secured as well. In times like this we should be wise in making decision.


rjs mama said...

take each day one step at a time sis. don't think about the future, life will be more exciting that way =)

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Glynis Jolly said...

Although it's wise to plan for old age financially, planning for it emotionally is more important in my opinion. Are you building lasting friendships? Are you keeping in touch with family? Without others to spend some of your time with as you rock on the porch, what's the point of the money?

demonyitogwapito said...

agreed to rjs mama