God created everything here on Earth and in Heaven for a purpose, and giving everything its part to fulfill what is meant for man, place, thing , event ,and everything to function according to purpose. God's plan were already done long before  man and earth does not exist yet.We were already made in God's mind before we were formed into flesh and blood. God builds everything and everything the way it is because its purpose requires to be so.

To better understand the use or purpose of a thing , like gadget for example. We look for the manual of the gadget we buy to learn more about its features, design,nature and limitation, we don't ignore the manual instruction because it serves as our guide in operating the gadget correctly and  maintaining its functionality to the fullest. Same as human being, we need to refer on the bible, because it is our manual  to unlock  our  purposes in life, we have to read the manual in order to seek  our creators knowledge and wisdom on how we  can fulfill God's purpose to each and everyone of us.  .

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