I was invisible for the fast few days here in blogosphere , I could not hop and update my posting here because of my schedules and activity for the week. I seemed to be very busy the whole week for so many reason, aside from work, I am now active with my singles group in the office and right now were having our new project. Since the holiday is coming to town, and programs are being planned for the events to come, my group is asked to present a number for our company events. And it is one of the reason why I can't keep myself here. As we had our meetings after our office work, for the details and plans that we are going to do on the events night. And this week, we are about to practice our song and dance number.
Oh well, I'm not a dancer but I guess I have to try my luck again and try to dance to the beat of the song, I can sing a bit but not that confident, my singing career was suppressed already because of my eating habit, and I was not able to enhance it. Though I really sing and I could say I'm good at it, during my teenage life and grade school. I do love singing and I even joined and won contest in singing. But true enough , that no matter how gifted and talented you are, if your not practicing it and enhancing your interest, soon it will be forgotten.

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