It says that a person who goes extra mile and make it a point to deliver promises and deadline on time are mostly would become a high achievers , because they know that exceeding expectations helps them stand above the average crowd, or lets say the average employee in an organization. Those people that don't expect to received anything from their efforts gets a good result without them knowing it that their efforts are recognized by their superior or boss. We all know that there is greater rewards for doing extra mile, and also there is a personal transformation that is happening within the person who always strive to give the best service he/she can offer and make out of the work being asked from him/her to do. Likewise , the person develops self-confidence and become known to be a more self-reliant and more influential because of the character he/she possess. If we are only willing to do more than what we are paid to do, in the long run we will be paid to do more than what we do.

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