Why must I suffer disappointment , sorrow and tribulation? what have I done that God should send me trials? Is he displeased with me? These questions are constantly asked by God's dear children. 
Our pastor this morning was teaching the congregation about Persecution. He cited some verses in the bible about God's disciples being persecuted because of their faith. According to our Pastor, every christian will suffer persecution from the enemy, and it shall come to pass. Those who believes God and stand firm in their faith to God till  the end of their lives and has suffer persecution in the account of Jesus, will be  blessed and will  receive reward in heaven. But the problem is this, according to our pastor, Christians don't like sufferings, they only desire for peace , prosperity , happiness, so when faced with trials they became back slider. According to him, God suffer persecution , so are those who believes and have put their trust and faith to God. Time will come that our faith will be tested to see if we deserve to share in God's glory.

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